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MEG Capital and Investment is a contingency based team of experienced executive management advisors who have a minimum of 20 years each in the areas of residential lending, secondary marketing and trading, commercial loan brokerage, portfolio management, aviation, and investment management.  We serve banks, insurance companies and private investors with a suite of competences, and focus on remaining "industry current."

Principal Investor

MEG's primary business is asset brokerage. We trade loans, finance construction and logging equipment, aviation and aviation equipment, and engage in advisory services relative to all aspects of the lending businesses, including subservicing, default servicing, litigation support, secondary marketing advisory and traditional seller loan portfolio auctions. As former executives, we have a firm operating knowledge of these areas of banking, and each executive has been both a seller, a buyer and an advisor in their careers. We have in-depth knowledge of the internal process associated with banks internal approval and P&L process, and will work to command a results bearing strategy.



Products and Services
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Loan Acquisition – Residential, Consumer, Commercial, Commercial Real Estate, ltd Consumer

Corporate Aviation Finance

Loan Acquisition - Performing and NP Residential Firsts, Seconds, Health Care Receivables, Seasoned Agency Securities, Consumer Loans

Key Investments

Subservicing Advisory, Default 

Litigation support and Expert Witness

FASB Guidance and Opinion

Best Execution Strategies

Secondary Marketing Solutions

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