MEG Capital and Investment
 Financial Intermediary & Principal Investor    

      MEG Capital and Investment Lines of Business 
                                    MEG Capital Advisory

    *  Mortgage Securitizations, QRM Consulting, FASB Consulting

MEG Aviation, LLC     MEG Mortgage Group, LLC   MEG Real Estate Group

* Corp Aircraft Purchase   * Private Second Lien Fin    * Residential Property 
* Corp Retrofit                 * Unsecured Lending          
                                      * Secured Lending               * Commercial Loan Acq.

* Lease and Tax Advice     * Secondary Marketing
* Charter Service
                                      * Other Collateral Lending - Yellow Iron, Equipment
* Parts Sales/Finance

* Tear Down,

Key Investments                                       MEG Mining Company

* Multifamily Property                                 * Sports Apparel                              

* Yellow Iron - Equipment Financing             * Quartz Mining, Commercial, Consumer

* Single Family Properties                            *


Active investor of consumer loans, equipment loans and leases, health care finance and source of private equity.

 Production Platform, Mortgage Servicing Platform, Investment Platform, Advisory Platform

Please contact MEG Capital for descriptions of past engagements and transactions, or for details on any of our services.


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