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Tom Gere, President, MEG Capital, MEG Aviation, Former Lehman Brothers Senior Vice President Fixed Income, with contributing credits in FIG, Structured Finance, Lehman Investments, Commercial and Special Assets. Experienced advisor for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Loans, C&I, Consumer Loans and Due Diligence. Former SVP with Cohane Rafferty Securities from 1992 to 2001, when Lehman acquired Cohane Rafferty. Previously a mortgage banker with a variety of postions at Farragut Mortage Company, starting with Secondary Marketing Whole Loans, agency trading and securitization and ending with Chief Operations Officer of a publicly traded mortgage company. Graduated from Northeastern University in Boston in 1981 with a degree in BA and a concentration in Finance.

Andy Danforth, Chief Financial Officer MEG Capital, President MEG Real Estate Investment Group, Board Member Various Non-Profits, Wachovia Consultant, Public Mortgage Company Treasurer. Investor of sub performing loans and MH Parks. Specialization - Manufactured Housing conversions to community investment.

Glenn Wattley, West Bay Energy. Coal and wind energy expert.  He is also a recognized expert in the application of advanced energy technology such as Smart Grid, distributed generation, renewable energy, fuel cells, coal gasification, etc in the utilities industry segment. Glenn is a recognized thought leader and analyst having appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC and PBS.

Michelle Elizabeth Gere, Director of Strategy, Curry College Standout, communications. Currently works as a Associate Producer at NECN, a New England Public News agency, division of NBC. Responsible for graphic designs at MEG Capital. President of MEG Mining Company, specializing in sports apparel and quartz mining.


Ed Costello, MEG Capital SVP, Edward Costello Consulting, LLC, Advisory, FASB, Litigation Support, QRM Support and Consulting, Financial Model Validation.

Dave Bernotas, MEG Capital/DRB Associates - Origination Systems Integration, Entrepreneur, Business Start Up Specialist, Former CEO of Publicly Traded Mtge Co, and several others. MEG Capital expert on origination systems deployment, including Encompass 360. Trainer and Oversight Manager for national Encompass clients.
Recent Activity:

  • February to May 2013 - Implement and deploy the Encompass360 LOS for one of the top five multi-bank holding company in Utah across all six owned banks throughout multiple states for a single mortgage platform. Two prior attempts to deploy over a nine month period were unsuccessful. Completed full deployment in twelve weeks including staff training. More than 200 users
  • June to October 2013 – Reconfiguration, implementation and deployment of the Encompass360 LOS for the mortgage subsidiary of one of the top fifty banks in the state of Texas. Three prior attempts over an eighteen month period had failed. Full deployment completed in October 2013 for more than 200 users across multiple states. This project included interface with third party product and pricing engine as well as third party accounting software.
  • October 2013 to February 2014 – New installation, configuration and deployment of the Encompass360 LOS for more than 200 users and forty plus branch locations for one of the top 5 banks in the state of Maine. This installation included total web integration, product & pricing engine interface and a customized multi-department workflow.

Norfolk, Virginia

Jack Gulbin, MEG Capital, CFO - Tempus Jets, Jet Stream Capital Partners Principal, Commercial and Corporate Aviation Finance, Corporate Aviation Advisory, Operating Lease Platform. Former Managing Director Structured Finance, Aviation at Lehman Brothers

Virginia Beach

Don Price, MEG Capital SVP, Commercial Real Estate Loan Brokerage, Former Lehman Brothers Commercial Loan Business Development Officer, Small Balance Loan Originations Broker


Kris Inchcombe, Whole Loan Broker specializing in Jumbo, Conventional, Adjustable, Prime and Non Prime Mortgages. Specialist in REO acquisition, Whole Loan sales and Transaction Management. Partnership firm - Polaris.

North Carolina

Kevin Small, Former Chief Credit Officer for AIG/American General, Springleaf Financial. Key areas of specialization are securities structuring, whole loan trading, start up financial services advisory, specialty lending administration, financial analysis. Former prime and subprime Chief Credit Officer and buyer of REO and non performing mortgages. Partnership firm - Polaris.



 Gary Busch, MEG Capital SVP, Business Development Officer, Mortgage Consulting –Bank Consulting - Commercial/Residential/Consumer, Default Servicing, Aviation Finance. Former Capital Markets Exec Conseco Finance. Former FDIC Consultant.

San Diego

Shiloh Hall, Business Development Officer, Commercial Loan Brokerage, Former Lehman Brothers Business Development, Commercial Real Estate Loans. Current axe is SBA loans in CA.


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