MEG Capital and Investment
 Financial Intermediary & Principal Investor    
Expert Consultancy

Subservicing Advisory, Default

MEG Capital offers clients advisory services related to loss mitigation and default management.  Our advisors focus on proven strategies and solutions, constant client interaction, and delivering measurable results.  MEG Capital can offer a critical look a technology platforms, peer-performance and quantitative methods related to loan workouts, modifications, short sales, REO disposition and all other loss mitigation practices. In addition, Clayton Consulting may be a resource to mortgage servicers who are evalutating their business, software, hardware and general business operations.

Servicing Acquisition, Subprime

The cost of servicing subprime loans is four times the cost of prime loans.  MEG Capital recognizes this risk and works with clients to quantify acquisition costs, limit exposure through the deal negotiations, advise clients on customer management through the acquisition, and to help develop and implement effective loss mitigation practices and reporting. Clayton expertise involved.

Litigation support and Expert Witness

The complex, discovery-intensive nature of performing, non-performing and subprime litigation suits requires experienced, subject matter expert litigation support.  MEG Capital provides accounting, financial, valuation and statistical analyses to assist clients and attorneys in mortgage-based litigation.  MEG Capital advisors have provided expert testimony on various litigation issues, for large and small institutions. See Costello Consulting, LLC.
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