MEG Capital and Investment
 Financial Intermediary & Principal Investor    
What We Are Buying

Current Buyside Investment AXES:


Corporate Aircraft as Follows:
- Gulfstream G100 to GV
- Pilatus

Commercial Aircraft
- 767 Aircraft for 1) Freighter Conversion 2) Private Party Retro Fit to Private Aircraft
- Engines, Landing Gear, Avionics, Simulators, Tear Downs

-Global Express, Long Range, conversion from Corp to Theatre

NEW - GNMA Buyouts, Servicing Retained

- Mortgage and Consumer Loans, performing, AAA bank credits
- Subprime Auto Pools
- Bank Grade Home Equity Lines of Credit
- Small Balance Commercial, non-SBA, Non O/O for brokerage to A, B, C

Sourcing Assignments:

- Just Missed Prime Conventional
- Forward Flow $1Billion AAA HELOCs
- Credit Union Auto Participations
- CA Small Balance Commercial Loans - SBA
- Discounted installment notes, consumer products
- Adjustable Rate Mortgages
- Performing Commercial Mortgages

SPECIAL SITUATIONS - Subprime Auto Consulting, Platform Reviews, Due Diligence

- Consumer Loan Portfolio Due Diligence - Auto, RV, Marine, HELOCs
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