MEG Capital and Investment
 Financial Intermediary & Principal Investor    
Quantitative Solutions
Due Diligence Solutions
The Devil Is In The Details
MEG can provide a residential, consumer or commercial due diligence to support your asset acquisisiton.

Best Execution Strategies
MEG Capital works with clients to identify secondary market pricing, delivery and settlement strategies.  A quantitative approach is applied to this important business unit, with consideration of each clients specific and unique operational constraints.  MEG Capital works with clients to make this line of business and important risk-neutral profit center within the organization

Secondary Marketing Solutions
MEG Capital offers a unique blend of consulting experience & expertise with cutting-edge quantitative methods.  Clients use our tools and solutions for real-world results.  MEG Capital focuses on the client's risk-management processes and practices to identify deficiencies, procedures, practices, or policies which are incongruous with the client's risk tolerance or profile.  The review includes an analysis of work flow, reporting, transaction risk, reporting practices and models.  Augmented staffing or long-term mentoring is offered as needed.

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